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Ask About Our CoolRoom Hire


What We Can Do To Help Make Your Function Easy

We aim to make your night as easy and carefree as possible. On average, during peak cooking, we can cook around 40 – 50 pizzas an hour. 

To help create the perfect spread we will prepare a wide variety of pizzas and deliver them to a central table for all your guests to help themselves.

Where possible we will do our best to cater for your dietary requirements, ie vegetarian, gluten free. We encourage you or any of your guests to come to us and we will do what we can to help create the perfect pizzas for dietary needs.
In certain circumstances, this can create a gap of up to 20 mins in pizza output as we must re-prepare all surfaces for cross-contamination. So we encourage your guests is to come and request their special order prior to us cooking and we can prepare theirs' first.

We will arrive at your function at least 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to your specified eating time to start setting up.



Our packages start at $850 which includes up to 40 pizzas (in some circumstances a travel fee of $2.10 per km one way, may apply).  Approximately a week prior to your function we will confirm a minimum amount of pizzas with you, this is due to ordering requirements as most of our produce is fresh.

And remember, if there is anything we can help to make your event experience better please feel free to ask and we will be only too happy to assist where we can.

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